Covid-19 Resources for Families: Supporting Children's STEM Learning During Routines And Activities

The COVID-19 outbreak brings rapid changes to daily schedules. With school closures, families are trying to figure out how to continue supporting children’s learning at home. Children thrive on routines and predictability, and learn best from clear expectations and consistent structure. While supporting children’s learning at home, we encourage families to begin by fostering a secure and predictable environment for young children as best as they can.

Provided below is a list of resources to help create structure and routines at home and a variety of STEM learning opportunities that can be embedded into daily routines and activities. Included in the list are also some resources that can help families adapt the activities to meet each child’s individual needs.  

Update May 14, 2020

Create Routines and Structure

  • Support Mealtime and Potty Training

    Podcasts and tip sheets on specific strategies for mealtime and potty training; English; Tele-SCOPE

  • Build New Routines

    Guides and resources on specific strategies to support individuals with autism during uncertain times; English; Autism Focused Intervention Resources & Modules (AFIRM), Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute

  • Create Structure and Rules for Your Child [Part 1][Part 2]

    3-minute video on creating simple routines at home with toddlers and preschoolers; English; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic… with Children

    Blog post with strategies and links to additional resources including videos for children; English; ABA DESK

Support STEM Learning Through Storybook Reading

Support STEM Learning Through Everyday Routines and Activities

         This resource includes accessible videos, games, and activities for STEM learning; English; Diagram Center

Adapting Activities and Materials at Home