Daily Routine Explorations with Your Young Child: Sequencing & Algorithms


Jessica Amsbary

Publication Date:

revised 5/3/2022

" "While engaging in daily routines and activities, we all follow steps in a particular order. Help your young child recognize and describe these steps. Begin with one or two simple steps and then work towards three, four, or five more complex steps! This activity can be done during snack and mealtimes such as putting butter on bread, making toast, making an ice cream cone, or making a peanut butter sandwich. It can also be done in routines such as getting dressed or brushing your teeth. You cannot put on socks after your shoes or brush your teeth before putting toothpaste on your toothbrush. Help your child learn this concept of an algorithm– one of the foundations of computational thinking!


  • Families

Developmental stage: 

  • 3-5


  • Home

Resource Type: 

  • Activity cards (playtime, daily routines)


  • Technology (Computational Thinking)

Level of Intended Impact: 

  • Knowledge application


  • English

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Routines and Everyday Activities: 

  • Caregiver activities (laundry, dishes, cleaning)
  • Mealtime
  • Personal care (diapering/toileting, toothbrushing, bathing)
  • Playtime (indoors & outdoors)

Resources for Families: 

  • Daily Routine Explorations