STEMIE leadership team members at NAEYC's Professional Learning Institute

May 30, 2019

Skip the beach and connect with Doug Clements and Julie Sarama for an interactive session, Self-paced learning about children’s math thinking with playful activities: Using the Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories tool

Session Description: The Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories (LTLT) tool is a playful way to learn about children’s thinking and how to build it with everyday activities and materials. LTLT shows videos of the learning paths of children and playful activities to use immediately and joyfully. Trainers can use the site to work with teachers and home visitors. Teachers and parents can dive deeply into understanding their children’s thinking and suggestions for just-in-time activities for groups and individuals.

When: Monday, June 3, 4:30-5:30 pm Pacific Time

Where: NAEYC PLI, Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, CA, Room 203C