Bay Area Discovery Museum

The Bay Area Discovery Museum is a children’s museum designed to engage children and spark their curiosity through interactive, age-appropriate activities.

The Bay Area Discovery Museum is featuring several videos that can build children’s STEM learning at home with objects that can be found at home.

Roll on Through

In this video tutorial, learn how to make a mini-ball-track at home using cardboard and anything else you can get your hands on- bound to make for a dynamic and exciting track!

Emotion Freeze

Check out this video to encourage children to be more attuned to their own emotions- and others- in this fun game!

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

In this video, learn how to turn common objects into makeshift shakers, and allow children to explore the cause/effect relationship of sound.

Light and Shadow

In this video, learn how to teach children about the fundamentals of light and shadow using objects around the house, and engaging in fun, investigative play.

Nature Potions

Take science learning outside and encourage curiosity with these dynamic nature potions!

Bubble Building

Bring bubble-making home with these fun DIY bubble wands, utilizing common household objects to encourage imaginative skills.