Early Edu Alliance

The EarlyEdU Alliance is a collaboration of early childhood experts and stakeholders—from higher education, government agencies, and community organizations—working to meet the need for high quality college degree programs that are accessible, affordable, and relevant for current and prospective early learning professionals. The EarlyEdU Alliance is part of Cultivate Learning, a research and professional development center at the University of Washington. Our initiatives impact learning environments quickly and effectively through a wealth of research-backed expertise, tools, resources, courses, coaching and institutes.

The EarlyEdU Alliance is featuring several resources on how educators can incorporate STEM in their daily plans and how to modify activities to increase children’s engagement and learning.

EarlyEdU Alliance College Courses

EarlyEdU Alliance has developed courses including Cognition and General Knowledge: Science, Math, and Logic and Reasoning that can be used by early childhood higher education faculty.

Early Learning Professional Development Packages: Supporting Cognition

Learn about responsive caregiving and adult-child interactions and teaching practices that promote children’s learning and development.

Circle Time Magazine: Math

Check out this web-based talk show with episodes on mathematizing, measurement, geometry, and patterns, and accompanying resources.

Highly Individualized Teaching and Learning 15-minute Inservice Suites

Learn how to individualize for children with disabilities or other special learning needs with these 15-minute professional development packages with embedded videos, tip sheets, reference lists, and learning activities.