Kidzu Children’s Museum, a hands-on museum, is dedicated to inspiring young children and the adults in their lives to learn through purposeful play.

Kidzu Children’s Museum is featuring several resources that can support children to learn STEM everywhere including videos demonstrating STEM-based activities and resources focused on activities children and adults can do outdoors.

Kidzu@Home Summary

Watch in this video how a hands-on children's museum adapted its resources for the Covid-world.

Underwater Sparklers

Explore combustion with sparklers under water!


Learn what is geocaching and how you can do an outdoor treasure hunt with your phone!

Discovery Pack!

Explore the outdoors with a Kidzu Discovery Pack! Take a guided journey into the wonders found in your own backyard!

Build a Paper Boat that REALLY Floats!

Can you make a paper boat that floats? Find out how!

Make a Bird Glider

Create a bird glider from paper and straws.