STEM Mini Chats

Come view, learn from short presentations by STEM and inclusion researchers, and engage in online discussions with the presenters and other STEMIEFest participants!

Learning trajectories for science, technology, and engineering

Come learn about and discuss with us what are learning trajectories, why they are important, and how STEMIE is developing the learning trajectories for science, technology, and engineering. Presenters: Doug Clements, Megan Vinh, Chih-Ing Lim, Julie Sarama, Christine Harradine, STEMIE Center

STEM Instructional strategies for young children with disabilities

In this session, we provide information about four different instructional strategies for supporting the STEM learning of young children with disabilities: (1) capitalize on teachable moments, (2) set the stage with the environment and materials, (3) ask questions and provide challenges, and (4) implement instructional trials. Examples of how to use these strategies at home and school for infants, toddlers, and young children are provided. Presenters: Jessica Hardy, PhD (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Bonnie Ingelin, PhD (University of St. Thomas)

STEM for Children with Autism and Online Learning Resources

Learn about strategies to use to help young children with autism be more engaged and involved in STEM activities. Sample STEM activities with suggested strategies will be reviewed. Also, a brief overview of online learning resources for children with autism will be shared. Presenters: Ann Sam, Jessica Dysktra Steinbrenner, Kara Hume, FPG Child Development Institute, School of Education, UNC-Chapel Hill

Review of STEM in State Early Learning Guidelines

STEMIE reviewed states’ early learning guidelines to better understand how and the extent to which science, technology, and engineering are addressed. In this session, we will describe how our review was performed, key initial findings, considerations, and next steps. Presenters: Ann Sam, Kellen Reid, Hsiu-Wen Yang, Jessica Amsbary, STEMIE Center, FPG Child Development Institute

Scoping Out the Research on STEM for Young Children with Disabilities

One of the first tasks we did when we started our work at STEMIE was to take a look at what kind of research evidence exists in STEM learning for young children with disabilities. We conducted an extensive review of the research – called a scoping review – to see what we could find. Join us for this STEM Mini Chat to learn what we found. Presenter: Christine Harradine, PhD

STEM Learning within Routines and Activities

This session will highlight free STEMIE resources for teachers, practitioners, and families to use for embedding STEM learning into daily routines and activities. Presenter: Hsiu-Wen Yang, PhD, STEMIE Center, FPG Child Development Institute