My STEM Adventure

Join Leila Diaz as she guides young children and their families or other caregivers to explore the world of STEM both indoors and outdoors and create a storybook that details their investigation! As part of each of the 10 adventures, families and other caregivers are also able to learn about why the STEM concepts are important, what the children are learning, and also receive tips on how to guide children as they embark on the adventure together.

Key Features:

  • Accessibility features include: highlighting text as read, navigation, captioning, switch access
  • Spanish translation of audio, text, and visuals
  • Create your own storybook adventure with pictures and audio with option for family to record story
  • 10 storylines on different STEM topics/concepts (e.g., patterns, cause & effect, compare & contrast) with tips for families on what their child will learn

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  • Families
  • Practitioners

Developmental stage: 

  • Birth-5


  • Home


  • STEM

Level of Intended Impact: 

  • Knowledge acquisition


  • English
  • Spanish

Developer / Author: 

  • Others

Routines and Everyday Activities: 

  • Storytime

Resources for Families: 

  • Daily Routine Explorations