Introduce STEM ideas and vocabulary during tummy time.
Publication Date: 6/30/2022
Help children learn to gently care for animals.
Publication Date: 6/2/2022
Publication Date: May 2022
Help children gently explore flowers.
Publication Date: 4/25/2022
Baby Loves Quarks! is a book written by Ruth Spiro Benton and illustrated by Irene Chan. Comparisons between a baby’s toys and atoms introduce your child to science concepts in a simple and exciting way! This one of several books in the Baby Loves Science series.
Publication Date: 5/3/2022
Help children notice nature while on a walk.
Publication Date: 4/20/2022
Help children explore sand with these activity ideas.
Publication Date: 4/19/2022
Help children observe and learn about birds with these activity ideas.
Publication Date: 4/18/2022