What We Do

 tablet character standing on top of a blue block with a math compass. Two other blocks are stacked next to it, one yellow with an atom, and a green one with a sun symbol.

Inclusion in STEM

Building on existing inclusion frameworks to develop and validate a STEMIE model for high quality inclusion of young children with disabilities in STEM learning.

A young boy with red glasses waving with one hand and holding a book with another. He is sitting on a stack of 3 books. Next to him is a yellow triangle character waving and standing on a ladder

Learning Trajectories

Developing and validating learning trajectories for science, technology, and, engineering, while continuing to refine and validate existing trajectories for math.

An adult with long red hair and wearing a yellow shirt and green pants is holding an open book. On her right is a blue square character and on her right is a young girl in a yellow shirt and green pants.

State of STEM

Conducting systematic reviews and needs assessments to understand current use and challenges with implementing STEM in early childhood programs and with providing supports for young children with disabilities.

A boy wearing glasses and green shirt with 3 buttons is holding a test tube with blue liquid in one hand and a round flask in the other hand. On the table in front of him is the STEMIE beaker, and a flask with yellow liquid.


Partnering with early childhood and early intervention programs to test innovative strategies and practices that can support young children with disabilities to engage and participate fully in STEM learning.