Leaving Twitter

August 31, 2023

STEMIE has made a decision to no longer utilize "X" (previously known as Twitter) as its social media dissemination platform. This decision is grounded in a combination of factors including ethical concerns related to “X” leadership, product functionality, and a steadfast commitment to maintaining the values of our mission and centering the experiences of people with disabilities, including those with intersecting identities.

"We hold a deep responsibility to uphold the values of education, inclusivity, and ethical communication," stated Chih-Ing Lim, Co-Director at STEMIE. Added Megan Vinh, Co-Director at STEMIE, "Our decision to discontinue using 'X' aligns with these values and underscores our commitment to fostering positive, inclusive, and equitable learning environments and impactful dissemination."

STEMIE remains dedicated to its mission and will explore alternative platforms that prioritize engagement and accurate information sharing. We will also continue our dissemination efforts via our newsletter, Facebook, and Youtube. As we embark on this transition, we express gratitude to our community for its continued support and understanding.