Curated Booklist: Women Innovators in STEM



Publication Date:

revised 3/3/2022

Women are underrepresented in the STEM field and there is evidence that seeing positive representation and role models can impact girls’ aspirations in STEM and confidence in STEM. This cultivation of a positive STEM identity can begin in the early years through books. The books in this curated list celebrate women innovators in STEM fields with engaging illustrations and/or photos to talk about with your young children. You may want to explore other books by the authors listed here – their other titles are often just as good! Each book may also embrace everyday STEM concepts accurately and indicate the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) domain as well.


  • Families
  • Practitioners

Developmental stage: 

  • Birth-5


  • Center/Preschool
  • Home

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  • Tip sheets (storytime, mealtime)


  • STEM

Level of Intended Impact: 

  • Awareness


  • English

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Routines and Everyday Activities: 

  • Storytime

Resources for Families: 

  • Storybook Conversations