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Hi and welcome to the STEM4EC community, an initiative of STEMIE (STEM Innovation for Inclusion in Early Education) national center. We started this community as a way to engage you in exchanging ideas, personal narratives, and questions about including young children with disabilities in STEM learning. Whether you are an early childhood or early childhood special education practitioner, faculty, family member of a child with disabilities, or a STEM industry professional, this place is for you! We look forward to your participation. Here are a few easy ways for you to contribute:

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    Sign up for an account to maximize your impact! Network with others who are interested in advancing STEM in early childhood, exchange and develop ideas and knowledge with others, and share stories and experiences.  Join here:
  • Share your ideas and experiences
    We feature a weekly blog on STEM learning for young children with disabilities. Blogs include insights, infographics, guest articles, videos, podcasts, and more.  Learn about early STEM learning and children with disabilities. Share your comments with us — your ideas and experience.  Your comments and replies are valued! 
  • Send us your ideas
    Have an idea for a community discussion or event?  Let us know at 
  • Pass a ‘word of mouse’ to your colleague
    All community blogs and infographics have share links for quick share to social media and email.  Share away!  Also, feel free invite anyone else who might be missing out.  
  • Review the community guidelines
    Finally, here is a link to our community guidelines and privacy statement.   

We look forward to learning together with you.