[LT]² is a research-based web tool designed for early educators and families to help purposefully integrate math learning opportunities into classrooms and daily routines. The model is based on learning trajectories that include (a) a goal, (b) a progression of skills, and (c) instructional activities to address building those skills.

[LT]² is featuring a sample of their video examples of activities to help children learn and use mathematical skills.

Counting Reciter

The [LT]2 tool has video examples of children’s mathematical learning and development at every trajectory level. This video also demonstrates the 508 compliant version of one of our videos with a voice-over.

Differentiating Instruction with Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories

Dr. Douglas Clements briefly reviews a portion of the Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories [LT]2 tool.

Sabella Plays Subitize Planets

A child plays “Subitize Planets” - one of several games on the on [LT]2 website.