Resources for Families

Do you want to know ways to engage your child in a variety of STEM learning opportunities? On this resource page, we provide evidence-based resource, tips, and ideas that you can use to help your child learn STEM in everyday routines and activities.


You can also find more adaptation ideas to ensure your child can fully participate and engage in STEM learning opportunities and experiences.


Storybook Conversations with Your Young Child

Are you interested in starting a STEM conversation through book reading? In this section, you will find tip sheets with specific questions prompts, related activities and customized adaptation ideas. Find general adaptation ideas based on your child’s functional needs and skills, please click here.

Discovery Play Activities with Your Young Child

If you’re looking for play activities to increase your child’s exposure to STEM, this is a great place to start. The activity cards in this section present step-by-step adaptations to execute the STEM ideas/words in everyday plays with your child. Easily accessible materials and easy-to-grasp instruction chart are perfect to engage children and their interest.

Daily Routine Explorations with Your Young Child

Daily routines are a great opportunity to support STEM learning in a natural environment. In this section, you can find tip sheets about the adaptations (what you can do to support your children’s learning during everyday routines) and exploration (the descriptions of the activities and what your child is learning from them) by each developmental stage. You can find the general adaptation ideas and appropriate accommodations from infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Video Demos

In this video demos, you can expect STEM in classroom settings, from teacher’s demonstration, as to how it’s taught, how the questionable ideas are handled, and how STEM conversation can be carried out as well. Additionally, STEM learning in daily routines with family such as during mealtime and outdoor play is demonstrated as well.

  • In this video demo, you will find how STEM can be integrated into children's daily routines. Mom in the video demonstrates how to use adaptations to support her child to explore color, texture, temperature all the way through computational thinking during mealtime. To learn more about this, please see the video below.